Stay Home Stitches

A Message to Our Wonderful Customers

Hi everyone, Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we need to stop all frame orders immediately, as opposed to on October 31st as originally planned. We have been so lucky to have your outpouring of support, in fact so lucky, that it was beyond what we could have expected.. And planned for. From a manufacturing stand point, it was just not possible to continue fulfilling orders at the capacity that we were receiving them. We are deeply sorry for this and please understand that this decision was not made lightly. We are just as disappointed as I am sure you are. That being said, we are closing our Etsy store immediately (as frames were the only items remaining) and we will be temporarily password protecting our website until tomorrow evening (10/12), in order to remove all frame listings and reorganize the website and remaining products accordingly. Closing this shop has weighed on me a tremendous amount, more than I could have imagined and as a result, I will be closing the doors before December as originally planned. I do want to give you all the opportunity to have one last week to purchase all additional pre-made items such as our fabric, needle minders, etc., therefore please keep an eye on our page in the coming days for more complete information about this. I wish I could provide it to you all right now, however I truthfully just do not have it all sorted at this time. This all happened very suddenly and therefore I am still trying to sort through things and pick up the pieces as quickly as possible. I greatly appreciate your patience as we work through everything under new circumstances, I just wanted to ensure that I provided you all with as much information as I could before abruptly closing. I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience. If you placed your order BEFORE October 1st, your order will NOT be impacted by these changes. If your order was placed on or after October 1st, please check your e-mail for order specific updates (this will vary by individual depending on what your order contained). If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you, Taylor